What’s the hardest thing about living with insulin-requiring diabetes?

We polled our community of followers and summarized your responses in this infographic!

501 individual burdens mentioned across over 40 themes. 22% mentioned the 24/7 cognitive burden, 19% was the percentage of both physical and emotional burden, and 14% mentioned the staggering costs of managing insulin-requiring diabetes. Less than 5% mentioned food or diet and less than 5% mentioned actual task burdens of checking glucose and taking shots. Which words did we hear again and again? Challenges pertaining to insulin, blood sugar, highs, lows, costs, and insurance. A Twitter poll asking the same question had 62% of 52 respondents selecting cognitive burden. The burden themes we identified were cognitive (22%), emotional (19%), physical (19%), financial (14%), quality of life (9%), access (8%), food (4.5%), and tasks (4.5%).


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