How do you reduce the diabetes burden?

You start with envisioning what life might look like without it.

At Bigfoot, one of our core design principles is to reduce the burden of living with Type 1 and insulin-requiring Type 2 Diabetes. Closing an insulin delivery loop is part of the equation, but we believe that there is more to simplifying diabetes that involves thoughtful approaches like easy set-up, leveraging the power of smart technologies that we already use in other aspects of our lives, and a comprehensive yet simple supply management system.

These are the questions we ask about diabetes management.

What would it take for you to sleep through the night without worrying so much about your blood sugar dropping too low?

What if you had a system that knew to give you a bit more insulin when your blood sugars were running high - without an extra shot or without you having to press a bunch of buttons?

How could we harness the power of machine learning for insulin dosing?

What if diabetes supplies showed up at your door before you opened the last bottle of test strips?

What if you didn't have three or four diabetes devices to update every time there was a time change?

What if your healthcare provider prescribed something because he or she felt supported and confident about the complete service, assistance, and training the company would provide?

What if your diabetes therapy was so effective that your insurance company said "yes, this is so much better" and you paid just one co-payment for everything?

What if all the things you hate about diabetes management were outsourced to a system that never gets tired, never checks out, never forgets, and knows how to keep you safe?

Our Vision for Automated Insulin Delivery

  • Leverage existing smartphone technology
  • Simple, tight integration between components
  • Secure communication = connected ecosystem
  • Automate decisions about insulin delivery in real time
  • Leverage cloud-connectivity technologies
  • Accessed with single prescription and reimbursed as a service for a monthly fee

Our Vision for a Connected Ecosystem

At Bigfoot, we are designing a smart, connected ecosystem powered by a core data analytics engine with you and your life at its heart. Our intention is for the connected devices and the virtuous cycle of data that they are intended to create to provide Bigfoot with the ability to help guide you and your healthcare team in your dosing and decision making.

In short, Bigfoot wants to take the headache out of managing diabetes. If we know how much insulin you’re taking and what your glucose levels are, we have the potential to turn that data into actionable information that you, your healthcare provider, or your Bigfoot system could act on.

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