22 May 2016
Bigfoot Stories Jen Block

Jen Block, VP of Medical and Clinical Affairs

Jen Block, VP of Medical and Clinical Affairs I’ve spent my whole career, over twenty years in diabetes – and with diabetes, trying to make diabetes better for others. I started as an educator, then went into research, but the patients I lost the most sleep over were the kids with the fewest resources. I know through my research experience that the technology exists for automated insulin delivery and I absolutely know it will make a difference, but the only […]

10 May 2016
Bigfoot Stories Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee, Director of Community Relations

Melissa Lee, Director of Community Relations Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 26 years ago, I’ve spent the last few years working in diabetes patient advocacy, blogging, participating in the online community, and reviewing diabetes technology. Now I’ve taken on the role of helping tell Bigfoot’s story. I’ve used just about every diabetes device on the market. One of the things I’ve advocated for with every drug and device company is to involve patients earlier in their design processes. Stop presenting […]

30 Apr 2016
Bigfoot Stories Bob Weishar

Bob Weishar, Product Owner

Bob Weishar, Product Owner I was diagnosed with T1D when I was 18, as a freshman at University of Michigan in 2006. I’m not particularly techy – I don’t wear a pump and have never wanted to wear a pump. Just recently started to use a CGM. But at Bigfoot, we’re not building just the pump. We’re building something that can reach people who haven’t traditionally had the kind of privilege or access that someone like me has had. Even […]

13 Apr 2016
Bigfoot Stories Kilty McGowan

Kilty McGowan, Senior Software Engineer

Kilty McGowan, Senior Software Engineer Diagnosed at age three, I don’t remember much about living without diabetes. With a motto of “Diabetes sucks, but I’m the boss!”, my family kept a healthy attitude. At a young age, I decided I wanted to grow up to become what I called a “scientist doctor” so that I could cure diabetes. As I grew older, I discovered my academic interests were not in medical research, but in math and computer science. Now working […]