Lesli DeSimone, Director of Clinical Research Programs

Lesli DeSimone, Director of Clinical Research Programs

I became a nurse because I wanted to see the world, learn new things, and take care of people. I spent much of my early career in the hospital; Telemetry Floor Nursing, Surgical ICU, and cath lab where I was part of phenomenal teams. The hospital staff works as a family so I enjoyed that environment.

My experience eventually led me to clinical research where I could help advance the development of drugs and devices, potentially making people’s lives better. I also spent a short time in clinical sales with  seizure control devices and cardiac drugs. It wasn’t long before I returned to clinical research where I felt I was a partner in care. I spent eleven years with Medtronic, working as a clinical monitor and manager for their clinical research studies.

My brother was diagnosed with T1D when he was 20 years old. Being able to work in diabetes – on tools that could have a direct impact on his life – has been truly rewarding, but I was missing the feeling that I could influence change. When the opportunity to join the Bigfoot team came my way, so much about it was perfect for me. I said, “yes, please!”

I’m excited about my role and what we’re doing at Bigfoot. I get to see the world (and watch it change!) as I travel to our clinical research sites. I believe in Bigfoot because we’re committed to meeting the needs of the individual person. I love device research and I’m proud of the expertise I bring to our effort to simplify this disease


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