Hoang Truong, Document Control Supervisor

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Hoang Truong, Document Control Supervisor

My responsibility at Bigfoot is to manage document control as part of our Quality Assurance team. That means ensuring that every process, employee training module, and component specification – anything that would impact our automated insulin delivery system or the end user – is documented, accurate, and traceable. I help our team to ensure that all training is up-to-date and that our quality management system complies with FDA regulations.

I’ve worked in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry for 26 years and spent 8 with insulin pump maker Asante before they closed and Bigfoot acquired the company’s assets. I chose to join the Bigfoot team because I was so inspired by Bryan Mazlish and Jeffrey Brewer – parents who sacrificed themselves to help their kids with T1D. As a mother of three, I can appreciate their commitment to their children. I believe in Bigfoot because I believe in our senior management. I really admire them. They’re good leaders and very intellectual. I believe they’ll see this through for the community.


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