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27 Sep 2016
Bigfoot Stories Sabine Kabel-Eckes

Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience

Sabine Kabel-Eckes, Senior Director User Experience Though I have spent more than 15 years now in designing user experiences for enterprise software, I originally came to the US as an ordained minister. During the technology boom in Silicon Valley in the late 1990s, I embarked on a second career in technology, working for companies like SAP Labs, Good Technology, and Blackberry, eventually building up specialized mobile application design teams for them. When I first interviewed with Bryan Mazlish, Bigfoot’s co-founder and […]

01 Sep 2016
Bigfoot Stories Jeff Boissier

Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer

Jeff Boissier, Principal UX Designer Like most people without T1D, my knowledge of diabetes was initially limited. I knew that people had to take shots of insulin, but I didn’t understand the roller coaster ride that is type 1 diabetes. My background in design began in the aerospace industry as a mechanical engineer – designing hardware for space telescopes and the international space station – these were big undertakings with noble causes where reliability and safety were key. Back in 2000 […]