Monthly Archives: August 2016

23 Aug 2016
Bigfoot Stories Alan Schachtely

Alan Schachtely, Senior Director, Software Engineering

Alan Schachtely, Senior Director, Software Engineering Some eight years back, I was working closely with Lane Desborough when he found out about his son Hayden’s T1D diagnosis. I watched as my friend and colleague pivoted to his new life mission of improving the lives of those living with T1D. When the opportunity came to join Lane and our remarkable group of Bigfoot founders, I jumped at the chance. Over the last 18 years, I have grown up in the software space […]

11 Aug 2016
Bigfoot Stories Peter Kimball

Peter Kimball, Senior Mobile Software Developer

Peter Kimball, Senior Mobile Software Developer “My sister Sarah was diagnosed when I was four years old. I don’t have a memory of her without diabetes. Looking back now though, I’m amazed at how little I understood of her condition. Mostly I remember test strips, those orange-capped syringes, and the special sugar-free desserts my mom would make for her. Our whole family became involved in diabetes in a new way after my nephew Sam was diagnosed in 2011. My dad […]

04 Aug 2016
Bigfoot Stories Lane Desborough

Lane Desborough, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer

Lane Desborough, Co-Founder and Chief Engineer I got my first PC in 1979 and realized computers would someday make the world a better place. I became a process control chemical engineer, then, for 20 years, designed, implemented, and remotely monitored control systems at chemical plants, oil refineries, and power plants, helping to ensure the safety and efficiency of these very complex, hazardous systems. Our lives took an abrupt turn seven years ago when our son Hayden was diagnosed with type 1 […]